Campo Elite is in charge of selecting the vegetative material (in vitro) from abroad giving continuity in the laboratory in Mexico in order to achieve the best selection and adaptability of these varieties and to successfully establish Finger Lime in Mexico

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This pearly fruit that explodes when consumed in your mouth, with a citrus flavor between lime and lemon, originally from Australia already established in Colima and resembling a jalapeño pepper, has been identified by “Specialty Food Magazine” as the trend in short term to appear in specialized saucers and menus around the world.

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Process of Preparation of Our Plantation.


The preparation and selection of suitable fields for the establishment of our plantations is fundamental for cultivation.


Looking for the implementation of technified agricultural systems that facilitate good performance.


how they are: ground cover, drip irrigation systems and air pot pots that facilitate root dispersion and therefore better nourished, ventilated and robust plants.


The continuity in the appropriate productive processes allows the noble response of the trees.


The precious and characteristic fruit of Citrus Caviar with its exceptional organoleptic characteristics in order to reach the most demanding markets with the required quality.


The correct care of the plant in management and nutrition, is of fundamental importance to preserve the largest number of finger lime plants.